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POGO  Alert Plus

The Brand New Pogo Alert Plus from Origin Technologies offers a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system using the latest GPS satellite technology with a full colour O-LCD touch screen display.

Key Features

New 1.8” colour OLED touch screen – latest display technology

New 8 hour rechargable battery

New Clear audible and visual alerts

New Simple-to-use icon-driven user interface

New Speed limit advisory

New Distance to safety camera & school zone alerts (time sensitive)

New On-board infra-red laser detector (removable)

New Dashboard and windscreen mounting kits

New Fully portable, plug and play design Updated via PC or Mac

New Tracking via Google Maps

New Radar and Laser tracking (with opotional radar head fitted available soon)

Alerts for ALL types of fixed traps - Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, DS2

Alerts for accident blackspots/Congestion Charging Cameras (time sensitive)

Schools (time sensitive) (alerts may be switched off by user

Alerts for user defined, personal locations

Personal over speed warnings

Driver Information System - displays distance covered, journey time and average speed

State-of-the-art 12 channel GPS receiver incorporated

Satellite searching status bar graph with mutable audio

GPS position display to assist breakdown services, etc

Unit settings summary on start up

Viewable unit subscription status

Powered by cigarette lighter or internal battery

Directional feature - provides warnings only for speed traps positioned to catch Drivers travelling in the direction of the user

Limitator feature - full warning sounded only if the user is exceeding the prevailing speed limit M/way warnings may start further away than normal warnings (factory settings 700m OR 20")

Full user interface

backlight brightness multi-adjustable

Backlit screen displays:

Direction of vehicle travel

Vehicle speed


LCD screen displays when in range of speed trap:

Type of speed trap (symbol)

Vehicle speed

Speed limit

Road number

Countdown (metres or seconds) to speed trap

Progress bar to speed trap

OLED screen - programmable for backlight to become brighter when in range of speed trap.

Screen also used to display user-programming options

Audible speed trap alerts - "beep" and voice

Individual volume settings for different warning types

Auto mute setting with adjustable "muted" volume

Voice warning of camera type/speed limit when in vicinity of speed trap

OLED speed trap warning/status lights Speed trap proximity warning user definable - from 200m to 2000m OR from 5-30 seconds

Software supplied for Internet locations updates Mac & PC

Future software improvements downloadable via Internet

Auto power-off

This is a really compact unit that unlike its rivals looks very Neat on the dash top!


H: 50mm

W: 56mm

D: 20mm

Screen Width: 45mm (corner to corner)

The Brand New Pogo Alert +...The...Small...Compact...Cube!
Points and a Fine! Can you afford not to have one!
If you Drive like this line of text scrolls ....It Might Just save your License!