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Dension Ice link One Dension100 Dension300 Dension500

Dension Ice Link One

Listen to your ipod through your Car radio.

Direct connection means no interference

Compatable with almost all cars

Re-usable upon change of vehicle

Charges your iPod

Parrot Mki9200

Parrot MKi9200

Calls and music come through the car speakers

Music device connections provided for iPod, iPhone, USB devices & MP3 players

Voice recognition - make calls without touching your phone

2.4" colour screen - view album covers

Stream music stored on your mobile phone through your car speakers

Charges the battery on your I-pod / I-Phone

Parrot Mki9200 Parrot Mki9200

Dension Gateway 100

Connects to your car radio through the CD Changer input

Allows you to control playback of your iPod with your car stereo controls

Dension Gateway 300

Has all the features of the Gateway 100 above but also allows connection of USB and line in sources for total flexibility allowing many more music sources to be connected.

Dension Gateway 500

Designed for connection to prestige vehicles with Fibre Optic audio systems (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi) provides a complete multimedia interface for music and video

iPod Car Kits Fitted