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The Gateway 500 is designed to work with fibre optic systems now available in the majority of prestige vehicles (Audi's, BMW's Mercedes & Porsche etc). Unlike normal wiring, firbre optics send light signals through thin glass fibres around the vehicle connecting audio, video,navigation and telephone systems allowing them all to interact with each other this increases the performance and allows for future enhancements of the factory systems. However because of this, normal kits are not compatible with any vehicle that has D2B or MOST fibre optic systems.

Although the Dension Gateway 500 is designed primarly for the iPod, a large number of other devices are compatible with the system. USB memory sticks and Mass storage devices can be connected via the USB input & any device with an AUX output can also be attached. Although it is the iPod compatibility that really sets the gateway 500 aside from the others. When connected the iPod functions are accessable safely through your vehicle steering controls and your music and video library can be accessed and played in perfect quality through the factory system.

One of the best features of the Gateway 500 is the ability to upgrade the system in the form of "addons" or additional devices that allow the system to perform specific tasks. The BTA1500 bluetooth adapter allows you to make use of your phone whilst driving, auto muting the music system when the phone is in use. Another useful device is the AVR, the AVR will allow videos stored on you iPod or USB device to be played on factory fitted screens (in the headrest for example). The greatest feature on the AVR is that it is capable of playing media from multisource's. So you might want to listen to your iPod in the front whist the kids watch they're favourite movie in the back.

Key Features

• iPod control from original steering wheel controls

• iPod Charging

• USB Input for Mass storage devices, USB Sticks & MP3 players

• Additional devices such as BTA1500 Bluetooth car kit

• Text Display on most vehicles

Dension Gateway 500 Fitted