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The Dension Gateway 100

Dension’s new and improved iPod solution for your vehicle. The Gateway 100 offers complete iPod integration to your factory fitted stereo, The gateway harness connects to the CD Changer socket on the back of your radio and allows unlimited use of your iPod when ever you want and where ever you’re going. Just imagine having access to all of your MP3 MUSIC collection at the touch of a button.

Dension are the market leaders in integrated iPod car solutions and have gathered an enormous amount of respect within the industry for continually producing kits that push boundaries of consistency and user interface. The Gateway 100 is no exception, with additional features that the previous version of the kit (Ice>link plus) didn’t have, such as gateway add-on’s in the form of Bluetooth adapters and CD Retention Kits. The Gateway 100 iPod car kit isn’t only a car kit, but a car multimedia centre.

Gateway Operation is simple; when connected to the factory fitted radio the Gateway emulates a CD Changer (as far as the radio is concerned) the gateway PCB then translates the iPod Data to a compatible signal that radio is capable of reading, meaning you get full control of your iPod and music while your iPod is being charged when connected.